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EthNote is a digital tool and platform for the collection, processing, and analysis of ethnographic data. It is currently in the pilot project stage at Faculty of Social Science, hosted within Center for Social Data Science (SODAS) at the Unviersity of Copenhagen and funded by the Carlsberg Foundation. Researchers and students can be granted access to EthNote for relevant projects. To enter into tester agreements, contact the admin team at

Data Management and Security

Data will be stored via the EthNote app in a cloud service that complies with GDPR requirements for security and encryption. However, it is the your responsibility as users of EthNote to ensure that the collection and processing of data comply with GDPR and other applicable laws, including obtaining informed consent from data subjects when necessary. We also encourage you to establish a procedure for backing up your data in case of any software errors. Please contact the admin team for any question or other concerns you may have.

Last updated April 2024

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